Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS)

A Parents Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and the Reception Class Curriculum Outline are available to download below.
Reception Class - Learning Through Play - Numbers
Numbers can provide a lot of entertainment for small children. They first become aware of the sounds of numbers, then they begin to understand what they mean. Finally they need to recognise them when they are written down.

There are four main skills that children need to develop before they can count. Follow the links to see these explained and how you can help.
1. Recognition of the sounds of the numbers.
2. The understanding of one-to-one correspondence.
3. The understanding of "How many are there?"
4. The number of objects is the same however they are arranged.

The next stage is for your child to recognise numbers as symbols which can taught by playing number recognition games.

Once children recognise numbers they will want to start writing them themselves. To help encourage them to form their numbers correctly, use our number formation guide. (found at the back of the leaflet below)
Reception Class - Letters & Sounds
Why begin teaching reading through games?
It is vital that early reading experiences are happy and positive. The aim should be not just for children to learn to read, but to enjoy reading. Whilst games may appear to be an indirect approach, they do protect a child from a feeling of failure. By 'playing together' both parent and child are relaxed. Where a child could feel pressured in a formal teaching situation he/she will usually enjoy reading activities in a 'play' situation. This leaflet aims to give you simple ideas to try.